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Mask Wearing Guidelines

  • All dancers and family members that enter our space must be wearing a mask.

  • A mask must be worn in all common space areas at all times.

  • The dance instructors will be in a mask while teaching all dance classes.

  • All dancers will be required to wear their masks during class. If needed, a quick mask break will be taken as long as they are able to maintain 6 feet of social distance.  

Drop-off and Pick-up 

  • Waiting areas will remain closed. All chairs in the waiting area will be removed.

  • All family members can drop off and return, or wait outside in their cars. 

  • When you arrive to class, you will need to wait outside of the building

  • A teacher will greet these students at the front door when it is time for class and return them to the front door at the end of class.


Inside The Dance Rooms

  • The dance studio floors will be marked off with tape. Each student will have a 6 foot box to stand inside and do all of their dancing.   

  • No dancers will come within 6 feet of each other while in the dance studio.

  • Class sizes are limited.

  • Class times have been shifted to allow for cleaning in between 

  • All high touch items will be sanitized between every dance class. This includes (but not limited to) door handles, barres and the dance floors themselves.

  • There will be hand sanitizer stations on the wall at the entrance of the dance room

  • All students must use hand sanitizer before entering the dance room.

  • Students who  seem symptomatic will be dismissed immediately.  A family member will be contacted for immediate pick up.

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